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Monday 13th July 2009 ~ Behind the Scenes

Some strange events took place today which will warrant further explanation. The B7s are now in general use and the time when they were kept exclusively for King's Lynn internal diagrams has well and truly passed. Today for example while 20351 remained out of use at King's Lynn depot, 20352 did K2 which has a Lowestoft finish and 20353 the Yarmouth terminating K4. I had expected 37576 to be stopped for MOT, but instead it merely had a service and did K5. This is the next Lynn B9 due for MOT. The number of B10Ms out today was reduced, 20105 began the day on K17 but then was swapped at Lynn for 37579 which had its seatbelts restored. 20103 was turned out on K18, but this afternoon was running approx 40 late thanks to an A47 incident near Thorney when a lorry shed its load of tin cans. It was seen arriving at Wisbech at 17.02 (due 16.21). 20107 did Y9. The popular 34108 was sampled by Brucey on L12 and afterwards he was waxing lyrically about the comfortable journey which it provided. Alas the same could not be said of his return on K1 with 37568 which was 'swaying around like a trawler'. What Bruce did to these two vehicles is unknown, but they felt the after effects and 34108 did not return on L12 tonight and instead the vehicle we'd expected this morning 20123 appeared in its place. 37568 meanwhile was swapped this evening and K1 went forward with an unknown which we can narrow down to being either 37573 or 20105. I think I would plump for the latter as I have a strong suspicion that 573 may well be the donor of seatbelts to 579 and that 573 may have gone Volvo way for warranty work. There is still no sign of 37570 incidentally.
37565 was seen returning from Peterborough 15 late on K14 this afternoon and that was before the aforementioned incident. Prior to this, timekeeping had been good. 37563 was seen tonight bearing a new drivers side ad for the film 'Land Of The Lost'.

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