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Monday 27th July 2009 ~ Reports Far & Wide

Let's begin by re-examining yesterday's goings on after further evidence was forthcoming. 37567 had a problem with its ticket machine at Lynn at 15.30 and it looks as though this was the B9 which 34108 replaced, hence the latters late running. 567 was then rectified and replaced 569 (earlier seen by Terence).
Today was quite interesting as we suspected it might be. K5 was indeed 37575 off its service and 37576 was also checked over but then sidelined at Rowan Road with a confirmed injector failure. 37574 had a quick trip to Volvo for examination, but returned almost immediately and was back in service tonight (see below).
Michael F emailed to say that he'd seen 20106 and 37573 at Lowestoft depot at 07.45. This was a surprise as I'd thought that 573 had already gone to Volvo. Lowestoft turned out 37565/579 and 20107/118 on the X1 this morning. Beverley (Rob B's Mum) was a passenger on 565 (L8) which sounded quite unhealthy and was one of a number of B9s to visit Vancouver Avenue whilst in service today for adblu attention. Jamie R reported 37579 on L12 tonight, seen in Peterborough and 20107 was viewed at Wisbech tonight on L10. Lowestoft also did some swapping today. 20353 on K17 was replaced by 20106 and K3 with 20109 was changed for 20104 which only got as far as Lynn where 37574 (see above) replaced it for its last leg to Peterborough and back. Michael F saw 20109 at Lowestoft depot at teatime having come off K3.
34108 continued its good work by doing K14 which finishes at Lowestoft. To add to 20104/6/7/9/18 which we've already mentioned, 20103 was used on K4. Thanks very much to Bruce for giving a comprehensive account today after I was 'failed' for work this morning !

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