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Tuesday July 21st 2009 ~ Tuesday Troubles

Last Tuesday was a bad one for the B9 Geminis and today was equally concerning. 37563 is still operating without a functioning destination display and was seen tonight on L12. L11 was the only turn not positively identified today, but it was a B9 and probably 37568 or 37569, 568 was prime candidate for L12 yesterday but in fact this was 20107 which today operated K18.
37573 has not yet returned from Volvo, but this surely must be imminent as today 37574/7 joined the casualty list. 574 which had come off L8 last night was stopped with damage to its chassis and 37577 was also halted today with an engine problem, tonight it was at Rowan Road. One fortunate thing is that this dip in B9 availability has occurred when the trio of B7s are all in service. K3 & K5 had 20351/2 respectively today and 20353 did Y13.
20103 appears to have done Y9 today which is a little odd as it was expected to appear on one of the turns from Lowestoft rather than Yarmouth. 20104 was K2 today with the B9 shortage seeing K4 given 20121. This was changed at some point during the day for 20106 which, with the end of the Summer term is now one of the B10Ms surplus until the schools resume in September. 20105/09/31 were all spare today because of this.
37579 has gained the G force ad and also a new rear one aimed at swimmers who are encouraged to use beaches with lifeguards. This replaces the UEA ad.

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