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Monday 6th July 2009 ~ Mixed Fortunes

You know the sort of day I mean. Just when you thought you were getting somewhere it all goes wrong. King's Lynn must have felt this today, to begin with the seatbelts arrived for 37578 which means it should be back in service at last tomorrow. A new radiator was fitted successfully to 20106 and this was immediately given a test on the schools run, again all went Ok.
So far so good then, but Carmen driving K1 with the normally reliable 37579 reported problems on her out and back trip to Peterborough, so at just before 08.30 it was removed from K1 for inspection. A failed injector was the cause of the problem and it was sent off to Volvo at Norwich for repairs leaving 20131 to take its place on the 08.32 to Lowestoft. This managed to get as far as Gorleston before it expired with a compressor head gasket failure. K1 was then restarted from Lowestoft with beast 20107. The compounded problems with K1 led to the following turn, K2 taking the strain. Rob Brooks reports 20103 on K2 arriving at Wisbech 28 late this afternoon on the 16.18 to Peterborough. It left 25 late and by this time yet another B10M, 20118 was only a couple of minutes behind on K3. On the way back from Peterborough, 103 took the A47 direct from Wisbech to Lynn to regain some time thus avoiding a commendable Bruce vigil. Bruce did see 118 on time on K3 however.
At the Lowestoft end, the stepping down procedure again manifested itself with Y9 arriving with 37568 but departing as the 15.55 to King's Lynn with 20104, 568 then took L10 which had arrived with 20352. The B7 then did L11 which had arrived with (shock, horror) 37565. Tonight 565 was on L12 and so it remains to be seen whether Y13 which began the day with 37567 ends up with the same bus or whether L12s original vehicle, 37564 turns up. Further B9s have had the new Harry Potter ad applied this weekend including 37573/77.

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