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Sunday 26th July 2009 ~ Mixed Bag

Today's variety of vehicles in X1 use reflect the dipping availability of the B9s. It also marked the first employment of a Royale on a Sunday. It is not known if 34108 began on the turn but it was seen arriving at Peterborough at 17.17, about 20 late on the 12.48 from Lowestoft. Profile 20352 did Y9 and B10M 20106 was provided for Y4, the turn which begins at Yarmouth and ends the day at Lowestoft.
37572 was back in service and worked K2 07.50 King's Lynn - Peterborough and the 09.10 thence to Lowestoft. On arrival it was held over to work back on K3. K2 continuing back to Peterborough at 13.48 with 37566. 566 had earlier worked the first turn off Lynn to the Coast this being K6 06.35 King's Lynn to Lowestoft. The vehicle on this then normally goes empty to Yarmouth garage ready for use on Monday. 37567 off K3 did not reappear so presumably this went to Yarmouth instead, while 37563 was viewed by Ros on the second part of K6 after having had a day off for servicing yesterday.
The situation with the Geminis worsened today with 37576 having a suspected injector failure and 37569 unavailable first thing. 37575 looks like it will have a service tomorrow, but all being well it will be completed in time to do K5. Nevertheless it looks as though 20103 and at least one other B10M will have to work out of King's Lynn tomorrow morning along with 34108 and the two available B7s. This was the first day off for 20103 after 13 consecutive days work in which it has covered over 3000 miles. Currently only four of the ten Lynn based B9s are in service.

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ECBusman said...

Today (SUNDAY) saw 4 B9tls at between Norwich and Yarmouth at 9.00am - 10.00am and 1.00pm - 2.00pm. (AU58 ECN was one and the rest I couldn't make out). Terence Wilkins.