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Thursday 9th July 2009 ~ Poorly Premieres

Here she is again, but this time in daylight and in a rare glimpse of sunshine between today's showers. 34108 leaves Wisbech for Peterborough on the 12.48 departure (K14). The service was running about 10 minutes late.

Local enthusiasts had cameras at the ready today to capture the expected use of Royale 34108 on the X1. It duly obliged working K14 and any doubts that it might be removed at Lowestoft were soon erased when it came back on the 08.55 and 13.35 return from Peterborough. This turn dies at Lowestoft so it will be interesting to see if it is used again tomorrow. 37564 was stopped at Lowestoft today - one would imagine for a scheduled safety check - so this could well replace 34108 tomorrow and also in the area is B10M 20103.

Ironically it was a bad day for B10Ms today with a number of swaps taking place though whether this was due to ailing vehicles or for other reasons is presently unknown. First change at King's Lynn happened at 11.24 when 20105 working Y7 was replaced by 20104 (a reverse of yesterday's scenario) and this then left on the 11.32 to Lowestoft and was reported by Neville passing Acle returning to Lynn tonight on the early evening arrival. Just over an hour elapsed before 20107 had to be taken off L10 and a refreshed 20105 took the service forward at 13.02 to Lowestoft and completed the turn. Finally 20123 was removed from L12 at 13.54 and 20118 went out on the 14.02 to Lowestoft, this also worked for the reaminder of the day. 20123 was later well enough to be used on schools contract 4, the other two coaches used were 20106/9. B7 Profile 20351 had its MOT today and is now ready to resume work tomorrow. 20121 has gone to A.R.M. for a chassis wash in preparation for its own MOT next week. 37579 remains at Volvo in Norwich and 37570 is also absent.

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