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Sunday 12th July 2009 ~ Leyland National replaces Elephant !

More fun at Carlton Colville today with a Leyland National operated X1 ! Now I do remember vehicles like the one on the right on the 336 Relief from Wisbech to King's Lynn, but then I am a museum piece myself. Photo by Sam.
37567 on display at the East Anglian Transport Museum. Photo kindly sent by Sam Wickham.

This is Jamie Vendy's idea of a joint X1, X2 livery. Very smart indeed !

Today was the annual open day at the East Anglian Transport museum at Carlton Colvile near Lowestoft and First provided a couple of vehicles. One was a Trident and another our own 37567, see Sam's excellent picture above. Unfortunately commitments prevented me attending this year, but my local contact Bruce and myself have plans to go to Showbus later this year.

Last night I saw 37578 on Y6 topping up with Adblu in Vancouver Avenue on the 20.35 Lynn -Lowestoft and this morning two Geminis arrived within 20 minutes of each other at King's Lynn both requiring Adblu top-ups, these being 37569 and 37566 at about 10am. Both remained in service for the rest of the day once attended to. An entirely Gemini worked service was foiled today by 20352 appearing on the third and final turn off Yarmouth, bringing it home to King's Lynn this evening.
The usual swap on K6 took place at Lowestoft with 37574 being changed for 37578 for the 09.48 to Peterborough. Amazingly, 37565 was out for the seventh consecutive day, so may be it is finally fixed.

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