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Friday October 23rd 2009 ~ One Year Later : Part 2

Exactly a year ago today, the first B9 Geminis entered service on the X1. On that occasion 37563/67/68/71 were in traffic and today, of these, all but the accident damaged 37571 were on the road again. 37568 has amassed 114.5 thousand miles and today clocked up another 408 by working Y13. For the record, 37563 worked L8 and by coincidence had Jamie R as a passenger as it had done a year ago. This time it was almost on time on the 19.10 from Walpole Highway to Peterborough. 37567 did K1 which is still regularly worked by a B10M coach. 20103/4/7 were all in service on the X1 a year ago and today was no different. 103 did the 08.55 from Lowestoft replacing 37569 which had come over on K14. 20104 was K2 and 20107 was back on K4.
Some things have changed though. 34108 put in a brief appearance this morning. The Royale had been on repairs at Yarmouth for sometime, but today worked Y7 06.10 Yarmouth - Peterborough & the 10.05 return to Lowestoft. It then retired and 37572 which had done the early part of K16 took over. K16 itself then had 37569 off K14 just to confuse things.
There was a single swap at King's Lynn when Y9 arrived with 37579 and this was changed for 20106 for the 09.45 to Peterborough. The coach worked for the remainder of the day on Y9. There was one other coach out today and this was 20109 which did L12 but which looked like being changed for Gemini 37570 (off L11) for the 20.50 Lynn - Peterborough tonight. 37564/6 were both missing today.
Very many thanks to Bruce today for holding the fort while I endured a bad attack of gout (yes really !). Rob Brooks sent the following report : "37575 K3 0818 Wisbech - Peterborough arr 0818 dep 0821 and 20104 K2 0821 Wisbech - Lowestoft arr 0819 dep 0821, my Mum got the coach, and I got the B9 that I've had nearly 300miles on now. Not fair!! 37158 0805 Peterborough - Lowestoft and finally 'The Beast' 0835 Peterborough - Lowestoft passing Eye 0857. I'm off to Birmingham today and London tomorrow as a little pre-birthday trip, so won't be able to provide anything until Saturday evening". Well thanks as ever Rob.
Andy James was in touch this afternoon from King's Lynn and said " Hi Gerard, 37578 has just left here 45 late on the 16.32 to Lowestoft (K17) and 37573 is close behind running 10 late on K18 17.02 to Gorleston !". Today was supposedly 'Black Friday' when traffic traditionally comes to a stand, so may be this was to be expected. Delays on morning services from Peterborough however, seemed much the same as usual with 37158 on K3 15 late, 20107 on K4 12 late, 37575 on K5 8 late and 37577 on Y6 16 late. Big bus 34108 on Y7 was 6 late. All times eastbound monitored at WH by Bruce.
Amongst service alterations from early December are modifications to the X1 timetable and the re-introduction of a service X3 from Norwich to Shipdham via Dereham running hourly. There are also big changes planned for King's Lynn town services. Thanks to Sam for the tip off.

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Des Speed said...

Hi Gerard,

37579 had an upper deck bird hit at Necton. Screen was badly cracked, Ok to make it to Lynn, but not onward.