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Friday October 2nd 2009 ~ One left

20353 is the only B7 Profile remaining at King's Lynn, but it did not work again today and remained at Rowan Road. Of the replacements, 37158 was K17 and 37159 K3, both of which were regular Profile turns. Tonight though all three, 37158/9/60 were present at Vancouver Avenue, 37160 with a problem with its lights and 37158 removed from K17 and replaced by 37577.
The difference in mileages for the B9s is quite interesting. 37573 has done 90k but 37564 has now accumulated 113k. Never mind that says Bruce, what about the true kings of mileage, the B10Ms ? Well I will look into this and see how the most common three, 20103/4/7 have fared recently.
34108 came out of Lowestoft on L10 today and there was no sign of 37569 which was thought to have worked yesterday. Another theory on 569 is that it could be on MOT. B10Ms out today were 20103 on K2, 20104 which did the first part of Y7 before being replaced by 37564 and 20107 on L11.

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