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Wednesday October 14th 2009 ~ Return of an Old Friend

Here is B7 37160 photographed by Rob Brooks this evening after arrival at Queensgate on L10 16.25 from Lowestoft. Rob says the seats are infinitely better spaced than on the B9s.

June 13th was the last time 20126 worked on the mainstream X1, so it came as something of a surprise this morning when I received a text from Bruce saying L12 20126, followed by 15 exclamation marks. 37563 had been in line to work this turn, so may be 126 was either sent to LFT to assist or it came on as a replacement at Yarmouth. Y9 began the day with 37567 but this was changed at Lowestoft for 37568 which came in to Lynn on the 15.55 from Lowestoft.

The Peterborough roadworks continue to cause delays during the morning peak. K4 was heavily delayed today - it was 9 late passing Walpole Highway on the 07.15 King's Lynn - Peterborough and 33 late returning. This evening 107 was still on K4 with its arrears reduced to just 5 minutes. 20103 & 20104 both ended up at Lowestoft tonight off K16 and K2. All three B7s were on the X1 today which meant that work could be done on 37570/73 at Lynn.

20109 is being used on an evening rail replacement contract this week covering engineering work on the line between Ely and King's Lynn.

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