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Tuesday 27th October 2009 ~ A Christmas Carol - What Already ?

A visit to King's Lynn tonight, with me feeling much recovered in order to due a massive grocery shop and a look in at the bus station and garage. Sitting resting in Vancouver Avenue having arrived earlier was 37568 complete with an ad for 'A Christmas Carol' sponsored by Morrisons. Have I really been absent that long ? Oh well, it's only 59 days to Xmas after all ! So what of the 300th day of 2009 ? Well firstly Gemini 37574, the one which set a record for consecutive days in traffic, has expired at last. It came in on Saturday evening and has had to go off to Volvo for a replacement injector. For the record it worked for 88 out of 89 days from July 27th until Saturday which is excellent by any standard.
There were lots of swaps at Lowestoft today, presumably due to late running. The first arrival from King's Lynn (K14) came in with 37568, but departed for Peterborough at 08.55 with Royale 34108. Things then settled down until lunchtime when K1 07.00 from Peterborough due in at 11.40 arrived with 20103 and then departed at 11.55 with an unknown quantity !! This is believed to have possibly been the errant B7 from yesterday, 37160. 20103 was then diverted on to the X2 and Michael Bryant reports it working the 12.08 Lowestoft - Norwich.
Next change also involved a B10M, King's Lynn's pride and joy 20109 was sent out on a safe turn (K3) which sees it back home for an early bath at 18.58, however, that was sabotaged by Lowestoft as after it arrived at 12.40, it was also switched to an X2 turn departing at 13.08 to Norwich. 37568 which had been spare one assumes since arriving on K14 at 08.40 then took K3 back westbound at 12.55. It will be interesting to discover if 37160 did do the second part of K1, as the only other possibilities are 37159 which is due out of Volvo and 37564 which has been absent since last Wednesday. I am being posted out to South Lincolnshire for a couple of days now, so all sightings will be welcome at the usual address. As for today many thanks go once again to 'the eyes at Walpole Highway', Bruce Billingham and also to Michael in Beccles.

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