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Monday 5th October 2009 ~ Bruce on the Loose

I had one of my occasional trips to the BBC today, so Bruce kindly agreed to be chief scout :
The Blog-Meister has absented himself from our bus route yet again So here I go filling in again:-

K1 The BEAST spot on time at 08.01
K2 37568
K3 37578
K4 37566 22 late at 09.56
K5 37159 10 late at 10.14 but who is counting?
Y6 37572
Y7 37573
L8 37574
Y9 37570
L10 20104 on time at 10.34 and 12.34
L11 37563
L12 37160 early into Wisbech Bus station and waiting time before heading off to Peterborough
Y13 37565 sounding like a tractor while stood in Bus Station
K14 37564
K15 37158 10 late but still who is counting?
K16 20103 1 early and nearly missed it at 13.03
K17 37575
K18 37567
K19 37579

Missing are 37569/76/77 yet again.

Highlight (for me) was the Beast on K1 passing 20103 on K16 outside my place as they should - spot on time at 15.34 - nuff said!


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