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Thursday 29th October 2009 ~ Diversions Commence

As from this morning, the South Brink at Wisbech is closed for strengthening the flood defences, so between Wisbech Horsefair and the Cromwell Road roundabout the X1 is now being diverted via the A1101 and Wisbech Western Bypass. Timekeeping was not adversely affected first thing as I met 34108s attractive frame looming out of the mist at Walpole Highway this morning just a minute late, shortly before it passed the first westbound through service from Yarmouth (Y6) with 20107 which was bang on time. The 08.56 Wisbech - Lowestoft (K3) was seen departing on time with 37570, but I then had to go to work at the South Lincs establishment which curtailed my viewing. With Bruce out at Nottingham today, it was left until this evening before a picture of the days events could be drawn. Only turn unaccounted for in the end was Y13.
K4 this morning began with 20106 and this went Lynn to Peterborough and back while 37579 was serviced, the Gemini is thought to have taken over at 10.02. 20109 was at Lynn tonight, I think off Y9 and 20103 sat in the bus station centre with X1 Peterborough on the blinds, so may be a swap took place somewhere. 37158 worked K17 for the fourth consecutive day.
For the second night running, the 19.50 Lynn - Peterborough (L10) was 12 late tonight, 37565 was the vehicle.

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