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Monday 19th October 2009 ~ The Unexplained !

It was a strange old day for the B10M coaches today. Once again 20104 didn't work on the X1, but as King's Lynn had three arrive on Saturday evening on the X1 (the three pictured in last nights photo), they were all expected to work back east today and that is what happened after a fashion. 20103 did K1 impeccably, 20107 was half an hour behind on K2 and with 37160 the only B7 out today on K3 being 27 late going east from Wisbech this morning , this was then followed by 20126 just 9 late on K4. This was how the day started, but by this evening two more B10M coaches had worked on the route. 20109 appeared at Wisbech on time as L8 06.15 from Gorleston but must have come on at Lynn, possibly after a failure en route - 37570 had been expected. Later K4 which had started with 20126 had 20118 instead and this worked throughout on the 18.10 Peterborough - Lowestoft. 109 came off L8 at some stage and tonight was at the Rowan Road compound, however, L8 was seen with an unidentified B10M arriving at Wisbech a few minutes late for the 21.00 to Lowestoft. It looked like 20126 ! Bit of detective work required here !
John W emailed today saying "Brief call at Lynn Bus Station around 11 am saw 37576 leave for Lowestoft replacing 37573 which sprinted away "Not in Service". I noticed a B7 out on 41 this PM (probably 14.50 ex KL), but was too far away to see which of the three it was". Well K5 was 37573 and 37576 followed on Y6 John, so presumably late running meant 573 went eastbound empty to regain some time. The B7 out on Hunstanton's was 37158 which was in the washer at the garage this evening having just finished the turn. New advertising campaigns for Mars Planets and Easy Jet have been launched this weekend and are now appearing on B9 Geminis.

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