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Sunday 4th October 2009 ~ Goodbye Profiles

A last look at B7 Profile 20353 today surrounded by its older B10M cousins.
The advert guys have been on the prowl this weekend blanketing the B9s with an array of new adverts. Here 37577 has at last lost its Harry Potter ad and bears one for Eco friendly Kenco coffee. It was working the 16.35 out of King's Lynn to Lowestoft this afternoon.

20353, the last remaining B7 Profile at King's Lynn which has spent the weekend at Rowan Road compound is due to leave tomorrow. 37160, one of the Profiles replacements which last night took K2 to Lowestoft - a turn which is supposed to return to Lynn on Saturday evenings - came off at Yarmouth and was replaced by 37575 off K18. The reason for this is uncertain, but a clue might be that 37160 which worked today was turned in to Vancouver Avenue on the 21.35 Lynn to Lowestoft to fill up with fuel. It is believed that the fuel capacity of these B7s is slightly less than the B9s.
Only other exception to B9 Gemini rule today was 20103 on the last Yarmouth throw out turn. It ended up at Lynn tonight as booked.
37574's long spell of duty finally came to an end today with 37567 coming out of Lowestoft instead, so the B9 record stands at 68 days continuous service.

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