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Tuesday 6th October 2009 ~ School Outings

37579 and 37578 rest in Vancouver Avenue on Sunday night. 579 sports the new Kenco advert, the removed poster for 'Dorian Gray' can be seen partly obscuring its replacement ! Photo courtesy of Peter Barclay
After several weeks where the King's Lynn school bus stud have remained steadfastly restricted to their Hunstanton trips, today provided some relief. The bus scheduled to work L12 07.45 from Lowestoft failed (20103 or 37569 I suspect), so 20118 was turned out from Lynn to run to Peterborough and back. Meanwhile Lowestoft found a substitute and this ran empty to Lynn to then take up L12 at 14.02 to Lowestoft. Tonight big bus 34108 was on L12 and this had been seen early on by Michael B on the 09.08 Norwich to Lowestoft X2. Michael says " The 09.38 X2 from Norwich was cancelled and I then saw 34113 in Bracondale running empty with NIS on the front". It is possible, but I would think very unlikely, that 34113 went through to Lynn to work L12, but surely 34108 has to be a more likely candidate. Now I'm guessing that the incoming driver on L12 into Lynn then works K14 to Peterborough an hour later or something similar, because today K14 failed to run on the western section - 37565 started out on the turn this morning. Once again thanks to Bruce for a commendable X1 vigil today whilst I was indisposed.

20121 has been let loose on the Hunny schools work again and this meant 20106 was available when 37576 became ill with a fuel issue at lunchtime. 106 worked forward on K17 13.45 Lynn - Peterborough (10.25 ex Lowestoft) and was reported by Judith who said " I keep seeing 106 today, I'm sure it was at Castle Rising on schools this morning and now it's at Wisbech on the X1 ! What's going on ?". 576 retired to join 37570 in the garage. 37160 should have been about to cover, but Andy says this was on service 42 to Fairstead which now warrants a decker for much of the day now that 'First' have followed the Norfolk Green road on fare promotions. 37158/9 were in X1 use on K3 and K5 today and Profile 20353 has left King's Lynn.

Back at the eastern end and Michael B saw the elusive 37569 this afternoon, it was working the 15.05 Lowestoft - Norwich X2. Yarmouth produced 20107 for the high mileage Y6 turn today and Rob Brooks says "On the 'Beast' on the 18.18 from Wisbech to Peterborough. Her gearbox is a bit dodgy - makes an annoying squeal like someone trying to sit on a pig". On arrival back at Lynn 107 retired to the centre of the bus station which was ominous, but a few minutes later she was off again Lowestoft bound. 20104 was on K2 today meaning it will finish at Lowestoft. Gemini 37572 has at last got an advert affixed to the driver's side following the fitting of the necessary stud. It informs us that Kenco coffee refills have 97% less packaging ! I think we are supposed to be impressed.

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