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Saturday October 3rd 2009 ~ Rest Day

20103 on the Saturday easy turn (L12) passing Walpole Highway just after 11.30 today
37574 heads for Lowestoft this morning on L8, but will it be out tomorrow ?
Had a bit of a rest from the X1 today and didn't hear anything from Bruce either ! Despite this valuable contacts provided the info and there was a chance to travel on the 50mph restricted B7s with 37159 on K3 and it looks like 37160 had an evening trip to Lowestoft and back on K2 after 37579 was removed.
B10M action was confined to 20103 on the out and back L12 and 20107 on L11. 107 came into Lynn on L11 last night too, but was immediately returned to Lowestoft on Y6 replacing 37567. The 'Big Bus' 34108 was out today again on K14 getting it safely back to Lowestoft.

B7 Gemini 37158 may be on MOT prep as it has had its wheels repainted. Record breaking B9 37574 did L8 today giving it one chance to work tomorrow off Lowestoft.

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