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Tuesday 13th October 2009 ~ No Fool Like An Old Fool

You would think I would know by now that it is never wise to assume things on the buses. My surmising as to how 34113 'escaped' back to Lowestoft was just that. In fact it remained imprisoned in King's Lynn garage on Sunday and was then used on a few town services yesterday due to a temporary vehicle shortage. Apparently it has a tachograph, but it needs calibrating. This afternoon a Lowestoft driver brought 37566 to King's Lynn empty and returned east with 34113. 566 itself was immediately pressed into service when it took the 17.02 to Great Yarmouth out of Lynn replacing 37573 which was due for servicing. Another swap today was 37572 which was taken off K19 with repaired 37574 working forward from Lynn to Peterborough at 14.45.
Another thing I missed yesterday was reporting that 37568 had been out on the X2. Michael F saw it departing on the 15.08 to Norwich, he says "My main reason for my afternoon out was to clear up my three remaining Yarmouth allocation sightings, including the newly transferred 34872 from Ipswich this weekend. What a result! 34872 was resting inside the depot along with 20126 and a walk round to the rear of the depot revealed 20129 fast asleep in the warm afternoon sunshine!". Despite 568 working on the X2 yesterday, it didn't work on the X1 today. Instead 20103 & 20104 came out again on L10 and L12. 20107 came over again on Y7 and surprisingly 20106 worked K5 due to 37159 having an ABS fault. The other two B7s unusually did coastal terminating turns, 37158 on K1 and 37160 on K16.

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