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Wednesday 7th October 2009 ~ More Warranty Work

Volvo engineers are doing minor jobs on some Geminis this week. 37570 was attended to yesterday and tomorrow 37572 is due to be seen. This minor work has been pending for sometime, but it is only now that sufficient vehicles have become available to allow it to be carried out. 37569 returned to X1 service today on L11, but 37566 had a problem with its door buzzer first thing and after some delay, K4 departed with 20106. This passed Bruce 23 late and the congestion at Eye saw it return via the bypass. 37566 later resumed the duty. Upon completion of repairs, 37570 replaced 37572 on K14 at 15.00.
K4 and K5 seem to be the worst affected by the roadworks each morning, today 37576 was 20 late returning on K5. The driver of Y6 08.48 Wisbech to Peterborough with 37579 was perhaps aware of impending delays and departed 2 minutes early, very rare for a service which is usually a few minutes late. Timekeeping was erratic today. 37572 on K14 12.15 King's Lynn to Peterborough was 22 late returning. There appear to have been some vehicle changes at Lowestoft today. K17 with B7 37158 was swapped for something else - possibly 37565 which was not seen today - K19 began with 37578 but came back with 37567. 567 itself had gone over on K1 and 37158 returned with this.
Non standard vehicles seen today were 34108 on K16, 20103 back on L12 and 20104 on L10. Almost all Geminis are now carrying new hoardings for either Kenco Coffee or Salt levels in food (a Government sponsored campaign) on the drop down side or the movie Saw VI on the passenger side.

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