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Saturday 10th October 2009 ~ A Right Royale Surprise

Gemini 37572 spent a third consecutive day in King's Lynn garage today and keeping it company was B7 37159. The other two B7s did the old favourite Profile turns with 37158 on K3 and 37160 on K5.
37566 was unavailable today and when 37568 arrived in Lowestoft this afternoon and was required at the garage, it was replaced by Royale 34113. The first time this has appeared on X1 duty at King's Lynn, so presumably like 34108, it has the necessary tachograph. The regular trio of B10Ms were out as follows : 20103 K1, 20104 Y13 and 20107 Y7.
Now an update on Gemini adverts :
563 Salt - Food Standards Agency / Saw VI/LV Com
564Chocolatey squares /Reed Escape routes/ Keep Britain Tidy
565Chocolatey squares /Reed Escape routes/Sure Start Childrens
566T Mobile 2 Free Texts /Saw VI /LV Com
567Salt - Food Standards Agency /Saw VI/Confused. Com
568Salt - Food Standards Agency/Saw VI/ NIL
569Kenco Less Packaging/Saw VI/Lifeguards
570Kenco Less Packaging/Saw VI/Confused. Com
572Kenco Less Packaging/Saw VI/Part Time Courses NCC
573Kenco Less Packaging/Saw VI/Confused. Com
574Kenco Less Packaging/Saw VI/Confused. Com
575Dorian Gray/Saw VI/LV Com
576Orange/Reed - Boss/Lowestoft College
577Kenco Less Packaging/Saw VIKeep Britain Tidy
578Salt - Food Standards Agency/Saw VI/Part Time Courses NCC
579Kenco Less Packaging/Saw VI/Lifeguards

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