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Thursday October 15th 2009 ~ A Question of Temperature ?

The onset of cooler weather has seen the embarrassing failure rate of the B9s tempered somewhat, with the injector faults seeming to be a consequence of hotter operating conditions. Speaking of heat, there was much adverse criticism of the Geminis last Winter when they were put into traffic without working heaters. I wonder if this year will be any better in this respect ? Sam says "Heard a rumour that only 2 B9s were upped to 62 mph and they overheated, so the rest weren't done? Is this true or a load of Elephant s**t?" Well I am informed by those in the know Sam, that the reason that the top speed of the B9s seems to be about 56 mph is that an increase to 62 would only have been possible by changing the type of tyres used and this would have been an expensive exercise.
Today was pretty uneventful. 20126 was sent out on K2 which finishes at Lowestoft. The other B10Ms were used as follows : 20103 Y9 commencing with the 15.55 from Lowestoft replacing 37569, 20104 on L12 and 20107 on Y7.
B7 37159 was not used today and it is due for more maintenance tomorrow. 37572 had a day off at Lynn today as well and 37563 has not been seen since Tuesday.

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