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Friday October 9th 2009 ~ Premier Afternoon

Jamie V has 'converted' 37160 into B9 livery for us !
For some reason only one B7 was used on X1 work today, this being 37158 on L10. 37160 continued to do locals and 37159 was in the King's Lynn garage this evening under repair. B10M 20109 returned to traffic yesterday, having been sidelined since August 9th and it earned its keep on Hunstanton schools work. 20121 is also engaged on these duties and away from the stresses of the X1 is behaving itself. On the X1 though 20106 stood in for a B7 today and worked K3. It was 15 late returning from Peterborough this morning and tonight it was 21 late. I viewed it queueing to enter Wisbech at 17.06 and shortly afterwards passed 20107 on K4 going like the proverbial bat out of hell around 8 minutes late. Average lateness today was around 9 minutes, but early on things were pretty good. Y6 was slightly early at Walpole Highway with 37565 this morning which is very rare and the corresponding eastbound service, K2 was just one minute late.

Apart from the unexpected working by 20106, the other B10Ms out were 20103 on Y7 and as mentioned aboove 107 on K4. This afternoon 37566 on K18 was replaced by an unidentified B9 believed to be 20104.

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