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Wednesday 21st October 2009 ~ Returns and Replacements

37563 & 37570 returned to the X1 today, but there were also plenty of B10M coaches too - five in total. Fighting there way through the rain were 20103 on K1, 20104 on K4 and 20107 on K16. In addition, L12 managed to get three different coaches. 20118 brought the service into King's Lynn at 11.07, 20106 then replaced it and did a trip to Peterborough and back before 20127 took out the 14.02 to Lowestoft. B7 Gemini 37158 did K17 today, but 37160 remained on local work.
Morning services returning from Peterborough viewed by Bruce and Rob Brooks were delayed as follows : K3 37576 18 late, K4 20104 21 late, K5 37578 17 late, Y6 37572 11 late and Y7 37574 was already 14 late going west. Bruce says 37567 on L10 10.15 from Lynn to Peterborough somehow avoided passing through Walpole Highway and presumably the other villages too. Rob B reports 37575 on K15 12.45 Lynn - Peterborough which popped into Vancouver Avenue for brief attention at 12.54. 37570 came out of Yarmouth on Y13 and 37563 returned this evening on Y7 instead of 37574 which had done the first part of this turn.
I spoke with Doreen this afternoon, a regular X1 passenger who actually prefers the coaches despite being a senior citizen. She sympathised with the drivers who currently have to negotiate so many sets of roadworks and still try to keep time. On Saturday, she plans to travel with a friend to Norwich, so I hope to report on her experience afterwards.

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