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Friday 26th February 2010 ~ An Evening Premiere

I was away at Reading today, but did see 37563 on K2 first thing through the driving rain. Bruce sent in a report in my absence :
The Blogmeister has disappeared down to Reading to consult with the BBC - assumedly over arranging live Blog reports at the end of the main Ten o clock News. These would be of far more importance than 99% of the standard news items.
So I did manage a few observations, even though I was fairly busy on the home front.
K5 was 37578, Y6 The BEAST (on time), Y7 37577, L8 37574, Y9 37579, L10 37564, L11 37573, L12 37567, Y13 37160, K14 37568, K16 37569 (with no destination lit).
I was informed the BBBB 34108 was heading my way last night and should have been at Lynn today but maybe Andy can shed some light on that.

I did manage a visit to Rowan and the lineup now reads 34876, 20131,20104,20105,20106(Less front panel)20109 (taxed) 20123(taxed but with its door wide open to let the torrential rain in!) I assumed 20118/21 were out on schools.

Thanks for that Bruce. I did return this evening and was able to view a few things at Lynn and gather further observations from our correspondents. Firstly the turns you haven't mentioned. These were : K1 37565, K3 37575 (seen by Cheryl), K4 37576, K15 37572, K17 37562, K18 34108 & K19 37570. There were two evening happenings involving B10M Premieres too. 20107 was still on Y6 but became trapped on the A47 west of Guyhirn following an accident, it eventually rolled in to King's Lynn at 22.05 (due 20.28) and retired. The 20.35 to Lowestoft went forward with 37573 which had just come in on L11. The big surprise though was L12 17.48 Lowestoft - Peterborough which arrived with 20126 fresh from repairs. this had replaced 37567, presumably at Yarmouth. 567 seems to be getting into a habit of being withdrawn from service on Friday nights -last time 34921 worked in its place of course.

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