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Monday 29th March 2010 ~ Ladies Day

I had to make several trips along the route today as my Mum had appointments and I couldn't help noticing that every X1 I met was either driven by Karen or Natalie ! Must have been ladies day ? With my bit of road still being closed, Bruce kept an eye on things. Another A47 accident near Thorney made 37156 on L12 26 late returning from Peterborough. It was due past Bruce at 13.35 and appeared just after 2pm. Later this evening 37156 (still on L12) was noted arriving at Wisbech over Freedom Bridge at 23.02 (due 22.55) meaning it had travelled from Guyhirn via Wisbech St. Mary. Even more odd was the fact that the driver had forgotten to change the destination and it arrived with Peterborough showing instead of King's Lynn !

Michael reported a change of scenery for Beast 20107 with it working the 12.08 Lowestoft to Norwich X2, however, it couldn't keep away from the X1 for long and later replaced 37565 on Y9, bringing it to King's Lynn this evening.
Buses were on average 5 to 10 minutes late this morning, "Except" says Bruce "20127 of course on K4". Whether 127 worked all day is debatable as between us we all failed to view the afternoon part of the turn. Paragon 20500 was required at Norwich for a private hire job today and all the B7s worked on the route apart from 37160.

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