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Monday 22nd March 2010 ~ When In Doubt, Use The Beast !

I tried to deduce how many B9s would end up at Lowestoft last night. 37578 did not go to Yarmouth and instead 37575 went instead, but this still left five for four turns. It was quite a surprise then to find our old friend 20107 on L10 which it worked all day. The missing B9s were 37564 which had a day off, one assumes to have its ABS fault sorted (thanks D) and 37566 which did come out later on Y7 replacing 37567 which was due maintenance. This was 37566's first work since last Wednesday. Pictured is 37562 on time this afternoon (it may be reliable, but punctuality is not normally a strong point) while working K17.

Everything else behaved it would seem with Royale 34108 earning its keep on the X2 and Paragon 20500 stopped at King's Lynn for MOT prep. There is still no sign of 20501 which was last reported on Rail Replacement in Suffolk. Four of the five B7s were on X1 duty today with 37160 being kept on King's Lynn local duties. 37577 pictured above was on L12 today at Walpole Highway

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