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Monday 15th March 2010 ~ Ploughs and Furrows

37575 was motoring well when seen passing Walpole Highway this afternoon on K17. Nevertheless it was removed from the turn at 16.30 and 37576 is believed to have replaced it.

Some Geminis were in the wars today. 37568 on L11 was in trouble near Thorney. Marion says Luke was on board when 568 overtook a tractor and plough. As the bus went past, the plough dragged into the centre of the road and scraped all down the side of 568. The service was terminated and 568 went back to King's Lynn empty being viewed about 40 minutes after its scheduled time by Bruce on the A47 bypass. This afternoon 568 was quickly despatched off to Full Circle for the required bodywork repairs.

37574 was off the road for adblu attention this morning, but was fixed to relieve 37572 on K1 at 18.00. 37576 was also a morning absentee with an ABS fault being fixed after its removal from K1 on Saturday. It looks to have been out later replacing 37575 on K17.

37562 was unusually on Y7 today, having spent overnight at Yarmouth. Other changes of note today were BBBB 34108 doing K18 06.51 Wisbech - Lowestoft and being changed there for 37157 for the 10.55 return to Peterborough. Sister vehicle 37156 performed on L10 07.05 Gorleston JPH to Peterborough & 11.35 return to Lowestoft, but was then changed for 37563 which was making its first appearance for a week working the 16.25 Lowestoft - Peterborough & 21.05 back to Lynn.

All five B7s appeared on the X1 today at some point and K16 and K18 seem to be the favoured turns if one or more has to overnight at the coast.
Further delays ensued in Wisbech today when sections of Lynn Road were given temporary traffic lights while huge potholes were filled in. The South Brink route is due to reopen on Friday.

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