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Saturday 20th March 2010 ~ The Parochial Paragon

Richard seems to like using his B12 Paragons as early morning fillers on a Saturday. A B12 can do an early morning Peterborough and back and then be replaced by a freshly serviced B9. A few weeks ago, we chronicled Michael Bryant's abortive attempts to photograph a B12 on the X1 at Lowestoft on a Saturday. This morning, I phoned him to report 20500 on K5. Poor old Michael was in situ at Lowestoft to record its arrival but was rewarded with.... 37575 ! Headlight fixed, it had replaced 500 at Lynn of course.
'The Beast' was used on K14 today, meaning it will end up at Lowestoft where there is currently a surplus of B9s. Michael took a trip down to the depot and saw the sickly 37564 parked cab forward against the wall alongside 37566.
20500 seems to have been the only swapped vehicle today. Punctuality was very good with everything viewed at Wisbech being within 10 minutes of time. The three worst performers were all in the middle of the day, these being (times west/eastbound) L11 37159 -7/-5, Y13 37157 -5/-3 and K14 20107 -8/-5.
In contrast two services were one minute early, these being L12 11.48 to Peterborough with 37569 and K1 15.48 with 37577. All in all an excellent effort from all concerned and at least it shows that on occasion, the timetable can be maintained.

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