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Monday 1st March 2010 ~ MOTs begin

B7 37159 is easily recognisable as it doesn't carry 'First' branding on the front. It worked K16 today to cover for 37570 and is seen near Walpole Highway.
After a wash out Sunday, the sun shone today. 37568 was seen on L12 heading for Lowestoft but had lost nearly ten minutes on its outward time. It carries a Sky HD advert.
37570 was taken out of traffic on Saturday evening to become the first King's Lynn B9 to be prepared for its second MOT. This was probably not before time. A windscreen wiper fell off it at Lowestoft on Saturday night and it also has bodywork damage around the exhaust and rear skirting. With it being absent, 37159 was used in its place on K16. B7 37160 was also out on K3 and this one seems the favourite Lynn example for X1 use at the moment.
B9 37578 seems to have a few problems currently, it was taken off K19 on Saturday and today it worked K4 in the morning, but came back to Lynn on Y7, with 'The Beast' taking over K4. Royale 34108 was used on K18 and with advance warning from Michael, Bruce was able to point his camera at it.
37562 was sent out from Lowestoft on L8, but King's Lynn had other ideas and removed it this evening and sent 37566 forward which should enable 562 to resume its regular duty on K17 tomorrow. Last weeks failure of 562 in Norwich was down to nothing more serious than a faulty door buzzer incidentally.

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