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Wednesday 17th March 2010 ~ Opening Time

There was a B7 bonanza at King's Lynn this morning after all five vehicles found themselves stabled here overnight. What was extremely unusual though was that all five were the used on the X1. These were 37156 on K18, 37157 on K2, 37158 on K3, 37159 on K5 and 37160 on K16. The odd one out here was 37157 as K2 is rarely, if ever, a B7.
It will come as no surprise to learn then that today was a second consecutive low floor day. This despite 37568 (collision), 37570 (KL repairs) and 37574 (14.08 Lowestoft - Norwich X2) all being absent.
37159 had an extended day, as after finishing K5 it was sent back east on L8 after 37564 or possibly 37565 had to be stopped.
The main route from Wisbech to Peterborough along South Brink was finally reopened this afternoon, however, some drivers were oblivious to the fact and 37567 on Y6 18.18 westbound was seen departing via the A1101 Churchill Road. Later the 20.22 & 22.22 departures to Peterborough were seen on the correct route.

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