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Thursday 4th March 2010 ~ It's Behind You !

I had a sort of surreal moment at work today. A pensioner couple came in to see me on a work related matter and it turned out that they had been involved in a shunt in their car. I sympathised, but imagine my surprise when the man said "We stopped at a roundabout going in to Peterborough and the chap behind us didn't. It was one of those big white Excel buses !!". Turns out their closer than usual encounter was with 37578 on 3rd February whilst on Y9. Speaking of 578, it was out today on the 14.08 X2 from Lowestoft and 37157 was preferred on L10.
37570 passed its MOT today, but 37572 was still sidelined due to the seat fault and this is now earmarked for MOT next week. B7 37156 is also having an MOT at the moment, but at Yarmouth, thanks to one of our trusty correspondents for the gen.
37565 replaced 34108 today, having had a day off yesterday, but 20107 was on Y7 as expected. 37158 was seen 16 late on K3 tonight, but 37563 which had a charging fault last night was back out on the road quickly and Rob Brooks was first to report it today on K2 seen at peterborough at 07.30 this morning.

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