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Saturday February 27th 2010 ~ Cracks In The Armour ?

The weather today was quite grim. The Beast kicks up some spray as it passes Boskoop Farm this afternoon on K16 09.55 from Lowestoft.
Just when you thought a low floor service was here to stay, the B9s had their worst day for sometime today. No less than five step entrance vehicles were in use as substitutes. That statistic holds if you count dear old 34108 as such. I don't think it can be classified as low floor anyway.

The tally was K1 : 20126, K4 : 20118 for at least part of the day and probably changed at Lynn at 19.30 for 37562. Y13 : 34108, K16 : 20107 and K17 20500 which replaced 37578 at some point. 37160 was used on K3 and 37562 was unavailable first thing as an Adblu problem was being attended to. Only B9s not seen today were 37567 & 37569, though it is possible that 567 replaced 20126 somewhere in the day.

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