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Saturday March 13th 2010 ~ Late Night Visit

Another day of limited sightings as I have guests at the moment. We did venture to the Woolpack at Terrington St. John for lunch though. Once again under new management, I can recommend the food if this visit is anything to go by. They do a very good pint of Woodforde's Wherry too and all within sight of an X1 bus stop !
Passing by during lunch were eastbound : L11 37566, L12 37564, Y13 34108, K14 37565 and westbound K16 37157, K17 37578 and K18 37156.
37576 was rostered for K1, but didn't do much of the turn and was in Vancouver Avenue tonight when I passed by at 23.15. 37562 was on K5 for a change giving it an early night and this was tucked up in the garage too. Not accounted for tonight was B7 37160, so I guess this may have taken K1 forward unless it worked east yesterday.

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