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Tuesday 23rd March 2010 ~ A Spot Of Coaching

On the frontline again. 20121 gets a rare outing on the X1. It was standing in for 37564 this morning and is seen returning to King's Lynn where it was taken off.
Even better, a few minutes later this came the other way !

I've been enjoying a couple of days at home preparing for my forthcoming music convention, as the organiser it takes up a fair bit of my time. This morning though, I had a phone call from Bruce who said "You'd better get up here with your camera at 12.30 cuz 121 has just gone to Peterborough". Well the weather was very Spring like and so it was that Bruce and myself walked up to the A47 flyover at the appointed time with this in mind. 121 which had been 6 late going over was by now on time, 37564 seems to have been the culprit for it appearing, so no surprises there. We were just about to return when Bruce reminded me that 'The Beast' was at Lynn last night, so could conceivably be K14. Well wouldn't you know it, he was dead right and the evidence is reproduced above. These were the two exceptions to a low floor service today. At some point today, it was realised that 37569 which was on Y7 and due to finish at Lynn needed to be at Lowestoft for a service, so it did one of those strange swaps with 37572 on Y6. 37564 was back on L10 tonight, repaired - well for now anyway !

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