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Wednesday March 3rd 2010 > Stranded ?

The X1 blog is never one to shy away from featuring the BBBB. Here 34108 is captured by Rob Brooks departing from Wisbech on the 16.18 to Peterborough (K2). The St. Trinians ad remains, but the admen were very pleased to at last remove the other side banner for 'Alvin & The Chipmunks' this week which had evaded them since New Year !
Rob Brooks fotted 37567 on Weasenham Lane this afternoon around 14.30 working K14. This is just about the exact spot where 37563 was to expire some 8 hours later.

Observations of today's services came from various sources, so thanks very much if you were one of them. 34108 caught a few people out this morning. Cheryl was the first person to spot it on K2 and then it passed me whilst I was having a chat to Bruce outside his observatory. What a noble vehicle this is and Rob Brooks has obliged with a picture for us.
The following service K3 had 37160 yet again, so no surprise there, but K4 kept up the interest with 'The Beast' doing the honours. Gemini 37574 was next on K5, but later this failed to work the 17.15 peaktime Lynn to Peterborough, reason unknown and went to the garage instead, K5 was cancelled at this point. The dip in B9 availability then saw 37158 on Y9, confirming it replacing 37572 yesterday, 37159 on L12 and 37157 on K16. This is the highest number of B7s on the X1 for sometime, in fact only 37156 was absent.
Rob B came up with some gap filling sightings tonight, but he missed the fun late on. 37563 on the final westbound service, Y13 22.22 Wisbech to Peterborough, failed in Weasenham Lane just after departure and was still there at 22.55 with just hazard warning lights flashing. By this time 37159 on L12 eastbound had parked in front of it cab to cab as it were and the drivers were discussing the situation. 563 still had several passengers on board hoping to eventually get to Peterborough, but they were in the dark in more ways than one as all the interior lights were switched off. One assumes that 563 had run out of fuel, or will it end up being more serious ?
It has not been a good week for 563. On Saturday the driver in charge noticed that half of his vehicles Cadburys Creme Egg advert had decided to detach itself from its hoarding. Somehow he managed to remove the whole thing to prevent it from doing any damage and as a result 563 actually ran in traffic on Sunday without an ad on this side revealing the original paintwork featuring destinations along the route. This was remedied, if that is the right word, on Monday by the fitting of the Phillip Morris ad.
More B9 woe involves 37578 which did not appear from Lowestoft today after its recent problems and 37572 remained at Vancouver Avenue with its faulty driver's seat.

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37156 is at yarmouth for mot