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Sunday 28th March 2010 ~ What's That Noise ??

The B7s now seem to be part of the normal X1 fleet and are being used indiscriminately along with the B9s. Up until recently, they had rarely been used on Sundays but today both 37156 & 37157 were plying the route.
There were some swaps today. 37565 and 37573 both began the day at King's Lynn and ended up at Yarmouth. One must have worked the first eastbound service from Lynn which on arrival at Lowestoft goes empty to Yarmouth, but the other was swapped for 37567 during the day at Yarmouth and it was this which finished the day at Lynn. Highlight of the day by far occurred this evening. I'd popped over to Lynn for a meal, but persuaded my companion to allow me to view the 20.42 arrival from Lowestoft on which I'd been expecting 37567. At the appointed time a loud roaring noise was heard heralding the arrival of 20127 on the said service ! So both 20121 and 20127 which have been X1 performers since its inception have worked on the route this week.

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