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Thursday 18th March 2010 ~ B9 Bugs

The huge mileages being amassed by the dedicated Gemini B9s are beginning to take their toll on availability. 37564 - as we've often said - for long the highest mileage example is now being treated with care. The reason for its frequent substitution is unknown, but likely to be an adblu related problem. Today 'The Beast' replaced it at Lowestoft on K18 and later this afternoon, Bruce espied 37570 which was supposed to be on K19, heading towards King's Lynn not far off tiime, but with 'Not In Service' displayed and with interior lights out. This was replaced by B12 20500.
Today saw the return to service of B10M 20109 at King's Lynn, so we await its reappearance on the X1 at some point.
Many thanks to Bruce for 'holding the fort' so admirably over the last few months and in many cases like today, giving me something to report on a day when I have seen precious little. From tomorrow my new office overlooking the route will take the onus off  Bruce and hopefully allow me to view a bit more !

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