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Wednesday 10th March 2010 ~ I'm Confused Dot Com

We don't like to go too long on the X1 blog without featuring 'The Beast', but what happened to it today ? See report below. It was certainly OK this morning when Rob photographed it for us on L8 09.48 Wisbech to Peterborough.

There is a new rear ad for Confused.Com which makes reference to a bicycle - personally I find it a bit confusing, but the advert chaps seem to have missed the fact that 37573 carries an old version for Confused.Com fitted last Summer !

It was the coastal originating X1s which confused me today. Y6 was 37573 which we've just mentioned, but Y7 was allegedly 37575 yet there was absolutely no sign of it at King's Lynn when I went there at 19.15. Y7 is the first terminator due in at about 18.20, so may be it was unexpectedly borrowed for a town service or Hunstanton duty ? L8 which is normally a solid B9 turn with it being the longest turn at 478 miles was 37157 yesterday and this morning 20107 ! This evening however, L8 was not seen by Bruce (well he was probably watching that football team who call themselves M*nch**t*r Un**ed - sorry as a Villa supporter I find it difficult to type that name) and I also looked out for L8 whilst at my pool match at Walton Highway Club to no avail, even though I did see L12. Y13 and L10. I wonder what happened to 'The Beast' ?
To complete the listing, Y9 was 37157, L10 was 37156, L11 B10M 20126 and Y13 37567. This leaves L12 which had 37565 this morning and 37156 tonight, with L10 having 37156 changed for 37565 ! Answers on a postcard to 'Confused. Com'. In addition 37157 did not complete Y9 and this afternoon Lowestoft supplied 37569 as a replacement. Definitely Confused. Com !

What else happened today ? Well 37160 came in tonight off a 43 and on one occasion earlier this week, a B7 came in on the last service 55 from Terrington ! May be that is why Norfolk Green are recruiting some double deckers ? 20118 was out on the X40 after doing its schools work and Michael reports 34108 back in action on the X2.

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