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Friday March 26th 2010 ~ A Whiter Shade Of Paragon

20500 passed its MOT yesterday and no time was wasted in putting it back to work on the X1. Today it worked K3, 3 late into Wisbech at 08.52 heading for Lowestoft and 4 late departing on the 16.48 to Peterborough. This might sound poor, but for a Friday such minor delays are exceptional. Timekeeping today was good overall taking into account the Friday factor. 37562 was worst offender on K17, it was 4 late going west and 10 late returning this afternoon.
37158 appeared on Y9 this morning having replaced 37575 at King's Lynn as this was required for maintenance. 37569 was also stopped for an exam today and Lowestoft provided 'The Beast' as replacement on L10. L11 was 37567 after its day off on Thursday.

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