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Friday 24th April 2009 ~ Mobile phones and all that .....

In yesterday's blog, brief mention was made of the chaos in King's Lynn yesterday evening. Having abandoned my mobile phone in the car after work yesterday (unintentionally I might add - well I'm getting old you see), this morning I found two messages pertaining to last nights X1. Peter sent a message to say that at at 18.57 he'd seen 20109 followed by 37573 entering Wisbech - as we said last night 37573 was L9, but 20109 is believed to have been on K6, in which case it was running 95 minutes late. Bruce sent a text saying that 20109 passed going east at 19.38 so it obviously turned round at Wisbech. I'm not sure what did Y8, nor whether it terminated at Lynn. In the morning it had been 37567, but 20126 somehow got to Lynn, so this may have replaced it.
This morning 20126 was K1 and 37567 was L13. It's just possible that 37567 replaced 20109 at Lynn this morning, as this was on Hunstanton schools work later. 126 now has two rather unsightly adverts on the back. Another possibility is that 126 did the last part of K17 last night as 20352 which had been on the turn was seen today on the afternoon part of K1 instead of 20126.
37572 returned to traffic today after its MOT and did K4. Yesterday's announcement of 571/2 both being devoid of adverts was premature as today 571 was seen with the EasyJet ad and another seen with this for the first time today was 37569.
During the afternoon, delays were generally around 15 minutes, but 37564 on K5 was held up in traffic at Eye and was 22 late into Wisbech to do the 16.39 to Yarmouth having been 13 late going over. Jamie Robinson was on board and said time could have been saved by diverting through Eye village. 564's 'New In Town' advert is leading a charmed life having again avoided the most recent round of replacements. In contrast K3 14.31 Wisbech to Peterborough was dead on time with 37574. B1oMs out today were 20105 on K19 for the second day running, 20104 on L11, 20107 on K18 and 20126 as reported previously.

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