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Sunday 26th April 2009 ~ A New Timetable

Ready for action, but will these B10Ms be required on the X1 from now on ? 20118/104/5 at Rowan Road tonight.
Our friend the late lady driver seen heading east at Walpole today with 37574 on the 12.10 Peterborough - Lowestoft.

.....and yes I admit I forgot !!! I thought Monday was the first day, but today seemed to catch a few passengers out too. The service was entirely Gemini worked, but some services were delayed, for example K6, the 13.22 Wisbech - Peterborough (09.48 ex Lowestoft) was 22 late arriving with 37568. 37569 is believed to have done the first part of this turn and was swapped at Lowestoft. 37577 was seen 10 late on K1 12.48 from Lowestoft.

The last bastion of sensibility, that being 37572 , has now been the target of the advertisement army and sports the Easy Jet ad which seems to have spread like wildfire this week. In the case of 37571/2, the drivers side which can accommodate ads with dropdown panels is still free of these thus these retain the X1 route branding.
With the weekday new timetable starting tomorrow, here is an update on the whereabouts of the X1 fleet (including B10Ms) this evening.
King's Lynn 20104/5/9/18/21/23/31. 20351/2, 37564/8/70-74/6/7.
Yarmouth / Lowestoft 20103/7/26/7, 37563/5/6/7/9/78/9.
Missing from these lists are 20353 and 37575 which are still off the road.

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