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Saturday 11th April 2009 ~ Deja Vu

I was busy for most of today but did find time to pop over to Lynn early this evening to see what was about. I was at the bus station at 19.47 to witness one of those spooky moments. 20107 had arrived on L12 and was sitting in the centre when 20105 arrived on L13 and passed 20126 departing on K6 - not a white elephant in sight, it could have been 12 months ago !
Ryan reports that 20104 is now on MOT inspection at Yarmouth, while 20351 which was expected to return to Lynn today, instead was used locally at Yarmouth. 20352 did K4 and the remaining turns were Geminis. The tally of B10Ms requiring repairs at Rowan Road is now three : 20109 (oil), 20118 (tank supports) and 20127 (doors). By strange coincidence, 20103 and 20126 seem to have exchanged panels under the front reg plate and whilst 126 is looking more standard, 103 looks quite strange.
Last night 37568 failed at Necton onthe 20.42 Lynn - Lowestoft. Richard took 37573 out to replace it and 568 spent today at Lynn.

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