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Good Friday April 10th 2009 ~ Back to Normal

37575 heads for the coast as the delayed 13.18 from Peterborough seen near Walpole this afternoon.
With only nine buses to provide with today being a Bank Holiday and therefore Sunday timetable, it was may be not surprising that the service was totally B9 Gemini operated. All yesterday's absentees were seen : 37568 which must have arrived last night on Y21, 37569 which yesterday replaced 37563 on L11 and 37575 which came out of Yarmouth this morning.
The aftermath of yesterday saw several B10Ms at Yarmouth/Lowestoft overnight, these being 20104/5/7/21 and only one spare B9 37577. In contrast at Lynn spare today were 37565/73/8/9. 37576 is at Rowan Road pending delivery to Full Circle for repairs to battered side panels on the passenger side. Two postscripts to yesterday : 20127 which was seen by Rob Brooks entering Lynn on an X1 to Peterborough could not have been K16 as 37564 did this throughout. 127 was today at Rowan Road out of service with a faulty door with 41 on the front. 20109 is awaiting attention to an oil leak following its removal from K15 on Wednesday.
Services were subject to delays during the middle of the day, probably due to heavy traffic. the two services due through Walpole at 14.18 were 37575 17 late eastbound and 37569 22 late westbound. Things were back to normal by 17.00 however.

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Anonymous said...

20104 is at yarmouth for mot inspection along with 20351 used on service here 20121 is here too ryan