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Monday 27th April 2009 ~ Some Things Don't Change

Today was the start of a new era, revised timetables with additional time allowed for congestion and the end of many short haul journeys. Shame nobody had thought to tell the passengers. Bruce found himself waiting at Wisbech bus station for the 10.26 to Lowestoft (Y6) and was the only person in the vicinity in posession of a new timetable, there being none on display in the bus station other than the now defunct one. Bruce is convinced that the new service is actually the old one but retimed to allow for buses running 13 minutes late !
Overall impressions are that the new timetable may well be an improvement, with the majority of turns running to time, however there was a definite blip in the middle of the day with Y13 with 20126 due past Bruce at Walpole at 12.03, turning up 21 minutes late. I saw it leaving Wisbech 18 late, but it was down to 12 minutes in arrears returning. K14 (the next westbound service) was also delayed, some of which can be attributed to it changing vehicles at Lynn - 37568 off for 20121 on. 121 then set about regaining some time with gusto. She was 22 late at Walpole going west, but only 11 late into Wisbech on the way back and by the time it passed Walpole eastbound it had made up all but seven minutes ! On arrival at King's Lynn it was changed for a rejuvenated 37568. Worst performer today was K15 09.25 from Lowestoft with 37564 which was 17 late going west but 26 late arriving at Wisbech to do the 14.56 to Lowestoft. Fortunately things then improved and K16 was on time with 37577. Last major delay befell 37570 on K17 which was 24 late westbound and 16 late returning from Peterborough. Profile 20351 was off the road for a scheduled service today and 20352 was turned out for K4 07.15 Lynn - Peterborough. This stuck to diagram and was seen leaving Lynn with the 19.35 to Lowestoft, so will overnight at the resort.
The B9 Gemini fleet were all in action today save 37575 which I can confirm is receiving repairs at Full Circle. One other B10M not hitherto mentioned was 20104 which worked K18 06.51 Wisbech - Lowestoft etc.

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Des Speed said...

Hi Gerrard,

I was the driver of the 09.25 ex Lowestoft. I arrived at K/L 35 late (01.12 not 12.37), due to a 4 car RTA between Little Fransham & Necton. I think that you'll find that the 12.15 ex K/L became the 12.45 ex K/L & the the 12.45 Ex K/L (mine) became the 14.15 ex K/L etc etc. throughout the rest of the day.
Regards.... Des...