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Monday 6th April 2009 ~ I'm Back !

Thanks to all for observations in my absence. Bruce was in ecstacy this morning with a clutch of B10Ms standing in. Unbeknown to Bruce 20104 had done K19 out of Lynn, but after this seen at Walpole Highway were 20127 on K2, 20121 on K4, 20103 on L11 and 20107 on L12. "I wouldn't have missed this for the World" says Bruce frivolously.
B7 20351 began the day on K3 but was swapped at 13.59, I expect for 37570 off K20. The B7 then did the second part of K20, witnessed by Jamie Vendy. 20352 was K17, but no sign of 20353 anywhere.
Gemini 37571 is now off road for MOT, while the CCTV man is coming to Lynn on Wednesday with B9s 37563/4, 570/8 all in need of attention. 37567 came in tonight on K19 in place of 20104.

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Anonymous said...

20353 is at duffields at great yarmouth and 20351 and 20126 at the yarmouth depot ryan