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Saturday 18th April 2009 ~ Another one bites the dust

With 37576 away for bodywork repairs and still no sign of 20353 emerging from Volvo, the last thing 'First' wanted was another Gemini off the road, however, this is exactly what has happened. 37575 which was on K15 yesterday was involved in an incident in Norwich last night resulting in the entire rear passenger side stantion being damaged. It was back at King's Lynn for assessment this evening. I would imagine that it will be off the road for around 3 weeks. The school term begins next week and B10Ms may not be as readily available to cover. Today, three examples were out, these being 20104 on K18, 20121 on K6 and 20127 on L9. Last night 37573 on K1 wa turned around at Lowestoft to do the final part of K7 back to Lynn. 37571 which had been on this turn was operating the doomed shuttles between Gorleston & Norwich today and was viewed by Jamie V.
37565 was L12 today and it has a new ad fitted for Nokia replacing that for the film 'Young Victoria'. Punctuality was excellent for a Saturday and 20351 worked K7 with 20352 on K3. Sam reports 20107 on the X2 today and Michael says it did likewise yesterday.

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