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Monday 20th April 2009 ~ On A Knife Edge

Today's X1 service was teetering on the brink as one might say. Exactly what happened at Lynn is unclear, but it looks like 37572 has now been stopped for MOT which would have been OK had 37576 been received back from repairs and had 37575 not suffered its collision damage on Saturday. With 20353 still absent, this meant K2 was 20118 and K4 20109. K19 looks to have started with 37570, but by lunchtime Lowestoft had provided 20127 which had taken over.
K20 I can only assume was a Scania this morning as 37566 was pinched off L13 to do the afternoon part. L13 then left Lynn for Lowestoft at 13.42 with an unknown bus, believed to be a Scania. When L13 was seen tonight it was 20105 which had earlier been earmarked for Hunstanton schools. 20131 was the second schools turn, while the third must (by process of elimination) have been the vehicle which worked Y8 out of Yarmouth this morning. 37571 took over Y8 at Lynn. 20126 would certainly have been a candidate for Y8. Only flaw in this supposition is that Y8 arrives at Lynn at 08.24 which as Bruce pointed out must be too late to do a school run !
More of what we do know now though and punctuality was very good today, K18 was probably the poorest performer with 37577 being seen 11 late from Wisbech westbound this afternoon, but this had been cut to just 3 minutes when it returned. We've heard about the B10Ms used by King's Lynn, but the eastern end also produced some of these fine machines today : L11 was 20103 and L12 20121. Terence saw 20104 on shuttles, but from his description it looked as though Y21 diagram was 37568. The Profiles were on the usual turns, 20351 0n K3 and 20352 on K17. Gemini 37566 is another to lose its Mars Planets ad in favour of the Nokia one.
This evening services west of Wisbech were being diverted via Wisbech St. Mary and North Brink from Guyhirn. 20105 went this way on the 20.31 from Wisbech (L13) and also noted from the comfort of the Rose Tavern were 37579 (Y14) and 37574 (K15) as well as K20 going east with 37566.

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