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Sunday 19th April 2009 ~ Strange Goings On

The creme egg season is over and 37573 now sports an advert for Nokia as seen here at Vancouver Avenue tonight.
At just after 19.30 this evening, 20127 pases the South Gates as it heads for Lynn bus station.

Last night it looks as if both the 20.42 and 21.42 departures to Lowestoft from Lynn changed vehicles. The 20.42(L9) was 20127, but 37568 looks to have replaced it. The 21.42 meanwhile was 37574 which came off for 37569 to work forward. Then today 37579 which was spare at Lynn yesterday worked to Lowestoft but was then replaced by B10M 20104. 20127 also came out and tonight was the 19.42 Lynn to Lowestoft. As if two Premieres wasn't unusual enough, the 20.59 Lynn - Peterborough which was booked for 37571 turned up at Walpole with 20352 which had been in Vancouver Avenue at 19.50 along with 20351.

37572/8 remained over the pits at Lynn today together with accident damaged 37575. The new Nokia advert has now been fitted to 37570/3/4, the latter is the first to lose its 'Mars Planets' ad which until now had been on ten B9s.

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