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Tuesday 31st March 2009 ~ The Masterplan Works

Not only were any swaps minimal today, timekeeping was very good. The two rarely go hand in hand. Once again, certain services ran early. K1 07.48 ex Peterborough did one better than yesterday and was 3 early into Walton Highway (due 08.47) with 37568 - yes really Bruce ! 568 may have a reputation for late running but nevertheless is the most consistent B9 of the moment. It has been noted in service every day since Valentines Day.
B10Ms in use today were 20104 (K2) and 20126 on K19 (thanks to Sam for the gen). Sam also travelled with 20103 on the X2 today. Whilst on the B10 front, Andrew reports 20131 on Hunstanton services this afternoon and also due to Scania failures 20109/118 deputising at teatime.
Most delayed service was K16, but this by only 10 minutes and 37563 was in charge. K3 and K17 had B7s as usual.
I am away from Thursday until Monday so in the interim any reports may assist me to do a blog on my return. Please send any sightings info to


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