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Thursday 2nd April 2009 ~ Hang on a Minute !

At last a photo of 37565 with its faulty destination panel. here it is seen at Wisbech bound for 'Orleston' on K18 this afternoon. Photo : Rob Brooks
Early running doesn't often make the headlines in this blog. Today though 37572 was on the 11.18 Peterborough to Lowestoft (L11). The 18 minutes past departure is from the rail station of course, with the Queensgate bus station departure due ten minutes later at 11.28. 572 was viewed by me on the A1139 Frank Perkins Parkway heading east at fifteen seconds past 11.28 obviously having left a few minutes early. This was on my way to Herefordshire and other B9s passing me were 37575 at Walton Highway on K6, then after a break in Wisbech, 37570 on Cromwell Road on L9 and 37574 east of Thorney on Y10.
Bruce was on duty today viewing proceedings and punctuality was very good, however, he was very upset by the complete absence of B10Ms. Of 18 turns seen, 16 were Gemini worked and the other two B7s (20351 on K3 and 20352 on K17). Everything ran to time except K7 which was 22 late going to Lowestoft at 08.40 and 18 late returning from the coast with 37573.

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